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Green Initiatives

Education and Action on Green Initiatives is a local League priority.

Green Initiatives

To learn about LWVCC's work on Green Initiatives, visit this webpage and our Life in the Balance page regularly. For more information or to get involved, please contact

LWVCC was a co-sponsor of the Regional Energy Revolution Rally on October 24, 2009, at the Old North Bridge, Concord. The event was part of an International Day of Climate Action. For flyer, click here.

LWVCC co-hosted the National Teach-in on Climate Change at Concord-Carlisle High School on February 12, 2009. Learn more by reading these resources:

Teach-in Resources Handout
Teach-in Results
Teach-in Follow-up Article

Become Informed!

LWVCC encourages all of its members to become informed about green initiatives at the local, state and national levels.

For the latest information on the national League's Global Climate Change priority, click here.

Global Climate Change Principles were released on March 5, 2009, by a broad-based coalition of groups including LWVUS. President Obama and Congress must heed these principles in order to avoid the worst effects of global warming. Click here to read the press release and here to view the principles.

To get involved with the state League's work on environmental issues, contact

A local website that serves as a clearinghouse for information on climate change and conservation is Concord Conserves is not affiliated with the League of Women Voters, but its website provides a locally-focused starting point for League members seeking information on environmental issues.

Low Carbon Initiative

The Low Carbon Initiative is a nationwide initiative focused on reducing the level of carbon dioxide gas emitted and non-renewable energy sources used by households. It is part of a widespread grassroots effort to reduce the environmentally and economically damaging impact of fossil fuels. According to the ConcordCAN (Concord Climate Action Network), in towns like Concord and Carlisle, households account for over 80% of the energy used and CO2 released into the atmosphere, compared to 4% for municipal buildings and schools.

ConcordCAN, Carlisle Climate Action, Massachusetts Climate Action Network and other local and national organizations are helping Concord and Carlisle take positive steps to conserve energy, use it more efficiently, and begin to shift toward the use of more sustainable resources. The Low Carbon Initiative can benefit the environment and help save money on energy. It will help individuals develop personal plans of action to cut household carbon footprints by at least 5000 pounds.

League members are invited to calculate their carbon footprint, a measure of energy use, by going to the Empowerment Institute's website.

Data you need for the calculation include your utility bills - heating and electricity, yearly car and airplane miles, and quantity of trash disposed of each week. After entering each piece of information requested, be sure to press enter; CO2 generated will be automatically calculated. The on-line calculator does not save your information so before closing the site, use your mouse to copy the page, paste into a word application and save it to your hard drive. Also, please email your data for incorporation into the database for your town. For further information or contact

Water Conservation

The Town of Concord offers information on water conservation, as well as free water conservation devices, including rain gauge, toilet leak detection kit, bathroom flip aerator, dual setting kitchen flip aerator, low-flow showerhead and shower timer. Click here for details.