Making Democracy Work

Observer Corps

League volunteers report on local board and committee proceedings.

Observer Report

The LWVCC has revitalized the Observer Corps. We have twenty-two alert, wise observers attending our Towns' committee meetings. The energy of this Corps is, of course, essential to the League's authentic engagement in Town Government. As well, we gather monthly, as a group, to distill information and support our varied endeavors.

On the link below you will find the list of observers and several condensed reports by some of our remarkable crew. Each observer has a distinct style. As experienced observers know, meetings can cover a vast number of critical topics, while others may continue one or two essential conversations, started one week but continuing through several meetings. These reports are but a brief glimpse into the important work this Corps has undertaken.

While we have observers for many committees, we still need volunteers for important committees like the Planning Board.

Observer Report, Winter 2017